Sunday, October 5, 2008

Human Power

I have not had to cut grass since I was a kid. I recently lived in a house in Vancouver for six years, but that house fortunately had a yard full of native trees and shrubs, and absolutely zero grass. I only had to water several times a year. It was low maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Well, now we are renting in Spokane, and it was difficult to find a house with a reasonable yard. I purchased the Scott Classic Reel Mower, and finally used it for the first time this weekend.

It works fairly well, and is fun to use. One hassle is that the cutting blades jam on tiny sticks, so one has to pick up loose debris in the grass prior to mowing. It is difficult to get up close to obstacles, and it leaves a few random uncut blades, but overall, results in a cut that is good enough for me.