Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camping at Bowl & Pitcher

Our first camping trip of the year was Friday night. The Bowl and Pitcher Campground at Riverside State Park is along a scenic stretch of the Spokane River only several miles from downtown. Nothing fancy or desolate, but a good easy trip.

Despite unpredicted rain all Friday morning, the skies cleared in the afternoon, so we decided to risk it. There was only a 20% chance of rain in the evening, and the atmosphere appeared to be drying out nicely.

We made camp and got in a good hike across the wooden bridge and up around the surrounding cliffs, and then made dinner. Around 10 pm, thunder approached quickly. At first it appeared to be missing us to the north, but we had no idea the expanse of the approaching storm (the entire region got soaked). We packed what we could in the car, and then took cover in the tent.

The rain started with a vengeance. Amidst the thunder and lightening the storm preceded to drop almost an inch of rain in about 30 minutes. Of course the tent leaked, but not as bad as I expected. We basically stayed dry. Mika lucked out this time and did not have to sit in one of the wet spots, like she did on our last camping trip to Olallie Lake, which also ended with a deluge.

Immediately after the rain stopped, I took a quick trip to the restroom and was not surprised at a large lake covering the campground, as well as a rushing creek twenty feet away from our tent, slowly draining the entire area.

Ripples throughout the campsite, where none existed the night before, are always a bad sign...

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