Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trail of The Coeur d'Alenes

The weekend highlight was a 100-mile ride out and back on the mostly glassy-smooth Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, from Plummer at the south end of the lake, to Pinehurst halfway across the Idaho Panhandle. Much of the trail meanders along various shorelines, and is quite scenic.

With the 10 mph wind at my back I averaged 21 mph all the way out. The super flat trail also made it easier to keep up a good pace. On the way back, however, the wind plus my lack of conditioning slowed me down enough so the average speed for the entire ride was 18.5 mph.

The bridge above is where the trail crosses the lake on the old railroad trestle, and then continues north towards Harrison.

These moose enjoyed the marshy areas along much of the trail.

Unfortunately, I once again apparently consumed too much water in relation to electrolytes, and was sick for 24 hours afterwards. I think I have some type of imbalance, because it does not make sense to me that I am in okay enough shape to go out and ride for six hours without being exhausted, but a sodium or potassium deficiency results from that same amount of exercise. Maybe I should get that checked out...

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