Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Whole Valley is Green

Today's highlight was a 70-mile ride including the suburban hell known as Spokane Valley. Picture endless ranch-style homes, few community gathering centers and an overall theme in which cars come first and people second. Come to think of it, I saw few parks as well. But after all this bitching and moaning, I must admit bike lanes are much more prevalent in "the Valley" than in Spokane. Not that bike lanes are necessary, or even safer, but at least they encourage new cyclists to venture out.

The ride's highlight included several loops southeast of Spokane Valley, out through the Saltese Flats area on Chapman, Linke, Saltese Lake, Henry, etc. Smooth, meandering roads with pretty farms and mountain backdrops. Hence the picture above.

The title of this post will be recognized by fans of The Farming Game. Collect $500!

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