Monday, July 6, 2009


I am in Seattle for the week - a couple days of relaxation, followed by three days of tax training, and then the Coldplay concert on Saturday at the Gorge Amphitheater.

Prior to the training, I am staying at the College Inn just off UW's campus, at 40th and University. It is European style, with shared bathrooms. Not a bad deal at $70, given the location, breakfast, basement pub, etc.

This morning I rode about 50 miles through Fremont, around Lake Union to downtown, back to UW and then up the Burke-Gilman Trail to the north end of Lake Washington and out along the Sammamish River Trail. A pleasant 65 degrees, but very windy and gusty. Nevertheless, a good way to spend a morning.

In the afternoon I stopped by Gasworks Park, hid from the wind behind a barrier, and found some time to read.

Don't eat the dirt...

The pictures kind of suck because they are unedited. I only have my work laptop, and am unable to install recreational software.