Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lower Stevens Lake - Almost

On Sunday we drove about 90 minutes to the Idaho/Montana border near Lookout Pass. Our goal was to hike five miles round trip to Lower and Upper Stevens Lake, just below 6900-foot Stevens Peak. Turns out there was more snow than expected - about eight inches at the 4200-foot trailhead, and 18 inches when we turned around just below the first lake. It was fairly easy hiking in our snow boots, but Mika started having trouble with the deeper snow, and snow balls kept forming on her long coat. Next summer we will make it all the way!

Lots of old spooky silver mine shafts in these mountains:

Near where we turned around, there was an expansive rock field 1/4 mile wide. The darkest "rock" is Mika following Libby:

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