Sunday, December 20, 2009

Palouse Falls

Two hours southwest of Spokane lies Palouse Falls State Park. There are some excellent viewpoints of the falls near the parking area, but we decided to meander down to the trails in the canyon that travel much closer to the edge of the falls.

Above is the rapids above the falls. Just out of sight down in the gorge, the river turns right and then drops over the main falls. There is a rough trail along this entire gorge above and below the falls.

Below is the trail wrapping along the steep canyon wall, downstream of the falls but looking upstream.

It is a fairly easy hike despite the sketchy appearance, but having a dog leashed around one's waist does add a degree of excitement, given the sharp slope down to the sheer dropoff.

Libby will have to return with her kayak if she wants to go over the falls... Maybe when the thick slabs of ice are melted.


Hank said...

Nice! I've never been there in the winter but I always figured there wouldn't be that much flow.

quinn said...

that trail looks impressive along the cliff. and you took Mika on it?

Schrauf said...

It looks scary, but actually is not that bad. Mika was leashed to my waist.