Monday, September 6, 2010

Hiawatha Trail - Overrated

I don't know, maybe I was in a spiteful mood, or maybe it was the $36 we paid for two people to ride down a wide path, too rocky for a road bike and too smooth for a mountain bike, and then be shuttled back to the top.

I mean, it's not bad - there are several vistas along the 15-mile route, and the tunnels and trestles are somewhat unique. But, this is definitely an easy family jaunt (i.e. bring your kids and non-riding spouse to experience the outdoors for the first time) rather than much more.

Don't plan on riding a decent clip because the majority of the crowds don't understand the concept of a) riding to the right to allow others to pass, or b) if you want to ride four across and block the entire trail at four mph, at least spin around your head occasionally and move over when others approach to allow them to ride at more than a walking pace. Or even c) if you can't do "a" or "b", at least be responsive to remarks about "passing on the left".

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